Indiestyle Enjoys The Fall

Indiestyle (BE) featured our latest video Enjoy the Fall on their website.
Have a look at their website for what they think of it and of course watch/listen to it yourself 😉

Gepost op 11/08/2016

De Nieuwe Lichting 2016

We almost forgot to tell you, but we have been selected for ‘De Nieuwe Lichting 2016’:
Out of more than 800 bands only 60 were selected to go through to the next round, so we are extremely happy to be in this top 7,5%.

OMG, so happy right now !!

Gepost op 11/01/2016


The Strzebonsky Noizescene has been selected for Limbomania 2015.
So get your calendars and write down:

10 October, BICC ‘t Poorthuis – PEER
Limbomania with a bass and drum party!!

More information at the concerts page and at

See you there


Gepost op 30/07/2015

Never Forget, Never Forgive!

Our first track of the new record is online: Never Forget, Never Forgive
Have fun!

Gepost op 08/04/2015

The Strzebonsky Interwebscene

We thought about going full on legit on your asses, so here is our totally swagged out web page.
A big thanks to Bart for making this sweet place on the interwebs that we can call our own.
Bert & Stijn

I think we’ve got this internet thing covered

Gepost op 20/01/2015