Press Kit

The Strzebonsky Noizescene – Bert Jacobs & Stijn Preuveneers

Contact – 0032 472 78 62 13


The Strzebonsky Noizescene is Stijn on bass and Bert on drums and vocals. Making lots of noise is what they love and do best. With a dirty sounding bass and pounding drums this dynamic duo rages on stage while performing raw sounding rock songs. The Strzebonsky sound cuts through you like a chainsaw, but most of all think of a gigantic 2 person wall of  sound which will knock you off your feet.

Notable Press

Misfit City review of ‘I Think We’re On To Something’ (UK)
Stampmedia Genk On Stage 2011 interview (Belgium)
Indiestyle review of ‘I Think We’re On To Something’ (Belgium)
Indiestyle review of ‘Redux’ (Belgium)
Powermetal review of ‘I Think We’re On To Something’ (Germany)
Church of the Riff review of ‘Redux’ (Canada)
Church of the Riff review of ‘I Think We’re On To Something’ (Canada)
Out Of Step review of ‘Redux’ (Belgium)
Mintzkov zet Strzebonsky op Putrock (HBvL, Belgium) / On Air weekwinnaar (StuBru, Belgium)
RifRaf review of ‘I Think We’re On To Something’ (Belgium)
Limbomania live review (HBvL, Belgium)
“We missen geen gitaren” interview (HBvL, Belgium)
Redux EP-release live review (HBvL, Belgium)
Rave Deaf top rockbands (UK)
RifRaf review of ‘Redux'(Belgium)
RifRaf review of ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ (Belgium)
De Nieuwe Lichting 2015 (Stubru, Belgium)
Exploding Head Syndrome review of ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ (UK)
White Room Reviews review of ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ (The Netherlands)
Peek-Boo-Magazine review of ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ (Belgium)
Cutting Edge review of ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ (Belgium)

Notable past events

Rockcircusrally runner-up 2010 (First show ever!)
Absolutely Free Festival 2010
Putrock Festival 2011
Vibe on Air (StuBru) Winner april 2011
Genk On Stage 2011
Limbomania selection 2011
Beringen Rockt 2011
Moulin Rock Festival 2011
X-On Track 2011
IFS 2012 (Third place)
BMW Open Air Commercial 2012
Hagelandse Rockrally finalist 2012
EP Release MuziekODroom 2012
TV Limburg live performance 2012
Wortelkermis support Rott Childs & Kabul Golf Klub 2012
PLAYfestival 2012
Rampscenario 2012
Support Raketkanon 2013 (JH De Mans)
Arendonk Rockkrally winner 2013
Arendonk Zingt en Swingt 2013
Putrockrally finalist 2013
Chokin’ Winter Fest 2013
Schoeftzakkerock 2013
Rockvonk selection 2013
MonkeyMania 2013
Release Rally winner 2014
Inc’Rock 2014
Maanrock Rally selection 2014
Rock Landen 2014
Moulin Rock Festival 2014
Tell 18 Rewired 2015
Winnaar Heetervuren Rockrally 2015
CD Release MuziekODroom 2015
HeeTervuren 2015
Limbomania 2015
De Nieuw lichting 2015